With 2RaceWithMe, users can pedal over scenic video courses and the faster they pedal the faster they move through the video course. Instead of using a headset, 2RaceWithMe users watch a large screen while pedaling. When people stop pedaling the video stops and doesn’t start playing until the pedaling resumes. There is also a smartphone app where family members are notified if a person is pedaling and have the option to videoconference with their loved one while he or she is pedaling. 

The 2RaceWithMe product includes:

1.     A set of hand and foot pedals that are instrumented so that the amount of hand and foot pedal rotation is continuously collected and then transmitted to the main computer.

2.     A single board (main) computer that runs the 2RaceWithMe program.

3.     A large TV, or computer monitor

4.     A Webcam for supporting videoconferencing.

5.     A button box that allows users to choose what courses they want to pedal on and whether they want to pedal/videoconference with other people.

6.     A set of over 150 scenic (e.g., Amalfi Coast in Italy) video courses (each around 5 or so minutes in length).


2RaceWithMe promotes physical exercise and encourages social interaction. People can use the product to pedal while videoconferencing with family members. This unique product provides families/caregivers a new way to connect with their loved ones, and to encourage them to be more active.

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